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The First Festival: 1 - 5 May 2003

Some statistics and the competition results

The Cornwall International Male Voice Choral Festival Ltd company was established on 20 December 2001.
The Company organised the First Cornwall International Male Voice Choral Festival across the County between
1-5 May 2003. It was a great success. The Festival attracted around 28,300 people to performance events
all across the county.

The International Competition Results were:

Choirs 41 Voices and Over


1 Revalia Male Chamber Choir, Estonia 95
2 Male Chamber Choir of Celje, Slovenia 90
3 Torshavnar Manskor, Faroe Islands 87
4= Deurnes Mannenkoor, The Netherlands 84
St. Peters Male Voice Choir, Eire 84
The Harmony Men, Jersey 84
7 Thurnscoe Harmonic Male Voice Choir, England 83
8= Newlyn Male Choir, Cornwall 81
St. Stythians Male Voice Choir, Cornwall 81
10 Loveny Male Voice Choir, Cornwall 80
11 Shrewsbury Male Voice Choir, England 77
12 Bestwood Male Voice Choir, England 76

Choirs 40 Voices and Under

Béla Bartók Male Choir, Pécs, Hungary 94
2 Jussit Male Voice Choir, Finland 92
3 Holman Climax Male Voice Choir, Cornwall 87
4= Haydock Male Voice Choir, England 86
Mevagissey Male Choir, Cornwall 86
6 Treverva Male Voice Choir, Cornwall 84
7= Nelson Arion Glee Union Male Voice Choir, England 83
Nankersey Male Choir, Cornwall 83

The Festival received Regional Arts Lottery Funding and as part of that process an independent evaluation
was carried out to identify the project's successes and the lessons learned for the future.
Headline results from that survey were:-

  Indicator     Target     Actual
Number of choirs (local) 24 28
Number of choirs (national) 12 10
Number of choirs (international) 6 9
Number of artists performing 1,800 2,100
Number of young people involved (based on school concerts) 60 800
Number of workshops 20 20
Audience numbers (formal) 8,500 8,300
Audience numbers (informal) (mostly Eden - 18,000) 16,000 19,000
Age of participants Various 13-91yrs
Number of informal performance venues 28 21
Number of enrolment enquiries 55 82
Number of new works commissioned (16 in composers' competition) 4 5 + 16
Number of performances/viewing days 20/5 29/5
Number of singing artists' days 5,100 5,640

Other Quantifiable Results

Indicator Result
Number of schools involved 3
Number of outreach visits 16
Number of future choir exchanges planned 4
New audience numbers/converts (estimate) 1,600 out of 29,000
Number of formal performance locations 19
Number of choirs performing with unknown choirs 48
Number of media adverts 10
Number of hotels used by visiting choirs 19

Best Overall Choir:  Revalia, Estonia.

Best Large Choir:  Bela Bartok, Hungary.

Best Cornish Choir: Holman-Climax, Cornwall.